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It worked! Celebrate with Cake.

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The last time we checked in, Frank was sifting dirt through a sieve, in the hopes of making the garden root-vegetable-friendly. Guess what?  It worked.  Here are some carrots we pulled out of the garden this week: Pretty, right?  The carrots we pulled out last year, before the soil was sifted, were sad and stubby […]

Sifting the Dirt

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If it seems like it has been a while since our last post, it has.  For the past few months we have been hibernating, waiting for this winter to pass and for spring to finally arrive. But then a couple of weeks ago, after a long and unrelenting winter, spring finally arrived.  The birds were […]

What’s Growing Now: Collards

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Collards are such big, beautiful plants, and they’re growing like crazy in the garden right now. A member of the cruciferous family, collards are a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and calcium.  Collards are thought to aid in digestion and help to lower cholesterol, and they’re also delicious. Here’s an easy recipe for […]

What’s Growing Now: Beets, Turnips, and Kohlrabi

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After a slow start caused by some wonky weather, the garden is really starting to produce now. One of the first major hauls of the summer has been the root vegetables.  Check this out: This is a whole basket full of very ugly — but very delicious — vegetables.  We’ve got some beets in there, […]

Building a Fence

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Having a back yard in New York City is a little like having a pet unicorn: it’s rare, it’s magical, and on the weekends, you want your friends to come over so you can all hang out, just drinking beer and looking at it. That’s pretty much how we feel about our back yard. That’s […]

The Inconstant Gardener (or: “Why Are My Beets Akimbo?”)

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A few weeks ago, on a brisk Sunday morning, Frank walked into the kitchen and announced that it was time to put the vegetable garden in. For weeks we had been waiting for it to get warm enough to start planting, and after a very chilly spring, it looked like we finally caught a break. Frank […]

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What a Little Sunlight Can Do

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So, the last time we checked in on the garden it was back in January some time, right before a cold snap came through and killed all the broccoli.  Since then we have been working on other stuff, and we’ve pretty much ignored the garden, figuring it could take care of itself until spring. Well, […]

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Winter Garden, II

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A few weeks ago, we posted photos of the winter garden.  It appears we were jumping the gun a bit. As of this weekend, the garden looked like this: In the left-hand side of the first picture, you can see the compost box…sort of.  In the right-hand side of the other two photos, you can […]

Winter Garden

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This is broccoli from last year’s garden.  Although the garden is officially “asleep” right now, we still have turnips, rutabagas and even some greens growing under the cold frames and waiting to be harvested. Here is a photo of the cold frames being installed over the broccoli this past fall: And here are the completed […]