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City Mugs

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For a few months now, I’ve been working on some new mugs.  They began with pictures.  Not pictures of mugs, but pictures of the city.  Since arriving in Brooklyn five years ago, I’ve taken quite a few pictures, and I recently began experimenting with decals.  I printed some and then applied them to mugs I […]

Making Tile

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Frank has been looking for a way to reclaim a lot of the clay that gets left behind when he cleans his tools, his work table, etc.   The clay that gets left at the bottom of the bucket is a mixture of different colors, and is perfectly good clay, but is not appropriate for […]

Picture Day

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Lest we give the impression that life in the studio is all throwing pots and mixing glazes, here’s a glimpse at the one of the more glamorous aspects of running a ceramics studio: taking pictures of the work. Once or twice a year, Frank sits down to photograph what he has been making in the […]

Mise en Place Cups

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Frank has been working on some funky little cups in the studio lately.  Here’s a look at the process: The cups were created by removing the tops of some forms Frank cast, and then adding a foot: After finishing the lips, the cups were then bisqued, sanded, waxed, and glazed… And then fired again to […]

The Art Cart

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For a while now, Frank has been talking about building a mobile ceramics display. The reason for this is a matter of scale.  When he displays his work at larger shows and festivals, the display looks something like this: Although the set up goes fairly quickly these days, it does require quite a bit of work: […]

Radial in Progress

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Here are a few shots of a new radial Frank is working on:       Each radial is unique, but to give you an idea of what the finished product will look like, here is a shot of a different radial, all glazed and fired: We’ll post pictures of the new, completed radial once […]