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Snout-to-Tail, Ceramics Style

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Snout-to-tail is a concept often used in the kitchen to describe a style of cooking that utilizes every part of the pig.  Here is Frank , to talk about how he applies the snout-to-tail method in the studio.  When I’m working in the studio, I always keep an eye out for connections between the different […]

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If You Like it Then You Better Put a Lid on It: The Biga Jar

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  What is a Biga Jar?  As it turns out, it’s not just a funny way of saying: “big jar.”  Here’s Frank, to tell us a little about biga and Biga Jars. A “biga” is an Italian bread starter.  It’s not like a sourdough the way you might normally think about it.  A biga is […]

Whiskey Cups Transform into Mugs, Through The Magic of Ceramics

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Frank has been snapping images of his work table several times throughout the day, to show the process of creating different pieces, and to show how the forms make their way from the molds to the finished work.  It often takes several parts and days to complete the work, but once he gets going, there’s […]