Making Tile

Frank has been looking for a way to reclaim a lot of the clay that gets left behind when he cleans his tools, his work table, etc.   The clay that gets left at the bottom of the bucket is a mixture of different colors, and is perfectly good clay, but is not appropriate for recycling back into casting slip.  So he has decided to reuse this clay to make tiles.  Here’s a look at the process:

These are the molds waiting to be filled:Tile1

And here is the clay Frank has reclaimed and wedged up:Tile2

This is a tile that has been set and is now drying:Tile3

And here are the molds, all refilled again:Tile4

The first batch of tile came out a beautiful shade of blue/slate gray, and we’re waiting to see what the next batch looks like.  In the meantime, we’re looking around the house and imagining all the ways we could use it….