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Making Tile

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Frank has been looking for a way to reclaim a lot of the clay that gets left behind when he cleans his tools, his work table, etc.   The clay that gets left at the bottom of the bucket is a mixture of different colors, and is perfectly good clay, but is not appropriate for […]

Mise en Place Cups

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Frank has been working on some funky little cups in the studio lately.  Here’s a look at the process: The cups were created by removing the tops of some forms Frank cast, and then adding a foot: After finishing the lips, the cups were then bisqued, sanded, waxed, and glazed… And then fired again to […]

If You Like it Then You Better Put a Lid on It: The Biga Jar

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  What is a Biga Jar?  As it turns out, it’s not just a funny way of saying: “big jar.”  Here’s Frank, to tell us a little about biga and Biga Jars. A “biga” is an Italian bread starter.  It’s not like a sourdough the way you might normally think about it.  A biga is […]