The Art Cart

For a while now, Frank has been talking about building a mobile ceramics display. The reason for this is a matter of scale.  When he displays his work at larger shows and festivals, the display looks something like this:


Although the set up goes fairly quickly these days, it does require quite a bit of work: building a wall, attaching the tables and shelves, renting a van, etc.

This type of set up works great for larger shows, but it isn’t practical for smaller, more informal things like street festivals and parks.  So in the past, we’ve just set up a folding table with some risers.

Well, no more!  Frank has been at work in the studio, and has come up with something very snazzy.

We present to you….the ART CART:


Isn’t she lovely?  Here are some shots from different angles on a different days:



And here’s me modeling the Art Cart, Wilson-style:


The beauty of the Art Cart is that it’s really just a handtruck with a platform built on it and a box attached, to store all of the work in.

Here is a picture of the cart in progress, and then a picture with it all finished:



The box has a latch, and is large enough to hold all of the ceramics inside, wrapped up and safe for transport:



As for the shelves, they just fold up and get strapped to the cart with a bungee cord, along with a fold-up chair and whatever else we want to bring along:


The ease and convenience of this new set-up cannot be overstated. It’s self contained, easy to push (even for me, and that’s saying something), and we can take it on the subway–anywhere there’s an elevator.  This is huge. For the price of a fare and a little maneuvering, we can ride to wherever we’re going in style, the NYC MTA way.

For instance, these nice folks were commuting with us yesterday morning:


See the Art Cart in the foreground? It’s narrow enough that it can get on and off the train fairly quickly, and can rest on its end without blocking the door.  Very important subway etiquette, especially if you want to avoid dirty looks.

And finally, while we’re waiting for the train, the Art Cart doubles as a bench:


This thing is seriously like the Giving Tree of mobile art displays. We love it.