Winter Garden, II

A few weeks ago, we posted photos of the winter garden.  It appears we were jumping the gun a bit.

As of this weekend, the garden looked like this:




In the left-hand side of the first picture, you can see the compost box…sort of.  In the right-hand side of the other two photos, you can see the cold frames…almost.

On the bright side, the snow is really good for the garden in a couple of ways.  First, it insulates the plants from the cold.  This is especially true with the cold frames we have set up, but would also be true without them.  When you hear about “a blanket” of snow, that’s exactly what it is–a blanket that protects the plants from the cold and other elements like the wind.  This would have been great to have a few weeks ago, when a cold snap came through and destroyed our poor little broccoli. The root vegetables made it through unscathed, as did the lettuce, oddly enough, which was huddled up against the root vegetables and maybe benefitted from some sympathetic insulation.

Another reason the snow is good for the garden is that when it melts (which shouldn’t be long, according to weather reports), the snow will water the soil around the plants and will help the plants to grow.

So all said, no big deal.  It is February, after all.